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Learn about what we do, what we believe in and how we help our local community. 

ETERNA VITA is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that provides social services and takes care of the well-being of social groups of all ages and social backgrounds.

Establishment of ETERNA VITA

ETERNA VITA started its activities in 2009 in order to help members of society fight their issues with various addictions and provide material, psychological and social help to citizens that are part of social risk groups.  

Establishment of the rehabilitation center for men

In 2009, Eterna Vita’s founder Romas Tuominis established a rehabilitation center for people struggling with addictions in Kušleikiai village, Šiauliai district, where moral and material assistance was provided, the motivation to live a sober and more fulfilling life was strengthened, and new values were formed for those, who were enrolled in the centre. 

Establishment of Adaptation Home

Over time, we noticed that in our center at the end of the rehabilitation program men had nowhere to go. As a result of a past life with addiction, many had long lost their homes and jobs, their families have been destroyed. Returning and integrating back into the labor market usually does not happen immediately but rather requires some time. Therefore, many people, after completing their rehabilitation program, have no sufficient funds to be able to afford a new home. In such cases, people need additional social assistance and support. Therefore, ETERNA VITA has founded Adaptation Home, in which men can stay until they find a job and can pay for their own place to live in. 

Establishment of Children Daycare Centre

In 2012, there wasn’t one single children daycare center in Kuršėnai or any other institution of such kind. Therefore, ETERNA VITA established the very first children daycare center, where children from socially weak families can attend five times per week. Our centre provides children with a healthy safe environment, where they can receive assistance with their homework and other after-school activities.

Establishment of the rehabilitation center for women with children

Our Areas of Work

Learn about our areas of work and how we serve our community, families, children and individuals in need.

Children Daycare Centre

Rehabilitation Centre for men

Rehabilitation Centre for Women


Children Daycare Centre


Rehabilitation centre for men


Rehabilitation centre for women

Our Partners

Our Mission

To provide, improve and develop psychosocial, rehabilitation, professional, vocational training and guidance services for clients in order to improve their quality of life, help to ensure full and equal participation in society and integration into the labor market.

Our Vision

ETERNA VITA is an innovative institution that provides psychosocial services and meets interests of those in need, applies effective programs that update the human value system, preventively affect the environment and improve the quality of life.

Our Values

Our Leadership

Romas Tuominis


Jūratė Tuominienė


Emilis Tuominis

Deputy Director

Anastasia Tuominė

Head of Children Daycare Centre and Marketing

Deivydas Igoris

Head of Rehabilitation Centres

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