Children Daycare Centre

ETERNA VITA children daycare center provides social and educational services for children aged 7-16 and their families. We aim to create a save environment, where children can feel safe and accepted. We provide an opportunity to strengthen one’s learning abilities, develop communication and social skills. Our children daycare сenter seeks to help local families in their difficulties and dealing with various issues. Furthermore, we help families to become more involved in their children’s lives, and provide social and material support for those in need. 

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We provide consultation on admission to the Children's Day Center "ETERNA VITA", which is located in Kuršėnai. For more information on the services provided, email or call.

Our Services

Every child that comes to our day care center gets at least two meals per day. 

From Monday till Thursday we provide tutoring for children in subjects of sciences and languages. We help them to complete their homework and catchup on subjects they need extra help with.

Every week, we distribute food packages to families in need and single parents or caregivers from our local community.

We organize summer camps for the kids of our community that are completely free of charge. Furthermore we provide the kids from families in need with all the equipment needed.

We believe in the importance of extracurricular education and positive reinforcement of arts in a child’s development. Therefore, we hire people to teach kids music, singing, painting and crafts.

Most of the children from our day care centre struggle with learning foreign languages. Therefore, we provide English language group lessons for kids and tutor kids individually on demand.

We teach children about the Gospel, Christianity as a faith and Christian values.

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